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written on 2020, 02, 2, Sun

Sellers on Amazon have a lot of challenges they need to overcome. First, they have to find a profitable product to sell. Then, they have to start making sales. As they make sales, they need to get positive customer reviews for their product to get an excellent rating.

If you are an Amazon seller who has already found a profitable product to sell, you need a tool to help with the other challenges mentioned above. That is where Jump Send comes into the picture. So keep on reading this JumpSend review to find out what it is all about and how it can help your business succeed from the start.

However, it is worth mentioning that since June 2019, Jungle Scout has renamed JumpSend to Launch . They have also integrated it into Jump Scout’s main platform, meaning you can no longer get it separately but must purchase then entire Jungle Scout suite of tools if you want to use it.


Before we dive into talking about the features of JumpSend in more detail, let us briefly talk about what it is.

JumpSend is a tool for helping you drive sales after a product launch and keep your customers happy through constant communication. When you launch your product with JumpSend, you will instantly have access to thousands of eager shoppers on its marketplace , who are looking for deals on Amazon products.

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And after the launch of the product, JumpSend will help you create automated and personalized emails to target these very same potential customers.

JumpSend helps you get your sales up from the get-go by offering your potential customers JumpSend deals. You start by creating promo codes on Amazon to sell your products at discounted prices. Your product is then promoted to the ready-to-buy shoppers on the marketplace who will then request the promo codes you created. 

Once you have received a request for a promo code, you can either accept or decline. Once you accept it, you significantly increase your chances of getting a sale.

Once the sales kick-off, you should start to get some customer reviews. But since not all customers will leave you a review, you might want to give them a nudge. This is something that JumpSpend can help you with. It allows you to send them personalized emails reminding them to leave you a great review.

However, we can’t assume that all your customers will be happy customers. In fact, some of them will issue a refund request, which can translate into a negative review if you just let the process play out without communicating with them. With that said, JumpSent allows you to create personalized emails targeting these unhappy customers.

This will allow you to minimize the incidence of negative reviews. All of this – more positive reviews, less negative reviews – will allow you to get a good ranking on Amazon.

By now, you have probably ascertained the benefits JumpSend provides. But just to be more clear, here are three key benefits of JumpSend:

Kick-Starting Your Initial Sales Process

Do you know how many active and eager shoppers are on the marketplace? Over 100,000. You are bound to get more than a few buyers after you launch your program and offer these potential customers your discount codes.

Increase Your Sales

Because you can create personalized, automated emails, you can directly market your products to these thousands of ready-to-buy customers. This allows you to boost your sales without bothering with ad spends on other platforms like Facebook and Google.

These are people who generally care about the products you are selling. This means you should be able to see some great results.

Encourage Positive Reviews

More sales mean more reviews. And you can follow up on customers who haven’t left a positive review yet through automated emails. When other customers see the great reviews your products are getting, they will be more likely to purchase from you.

As you can see, JumpSend is built to help you start going and keep you going. A product launch can make or break your business. You need to hit the ground running and never lose the momentum. JumpSend is the perfect tool for that.

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