Amazon Seller Central Guide

written on 2020, 01, 30, Thu

Today, being an Amazon seller is a very reliable option of starting an online business. Beginning is quite easy but to become an expert seller with all the know-how of amazon central seller requires learning and guidance. It has a lot of tools and functions and as a newbie, you might find it difficult to navigate and discover the required tools. In this guide, you can learn everything about seller central amazon.

seller central amazon

What is Amazon Seller Central?

The very first step for selling an item on Amazon is signing up on seller amazon central. After that you can sell items to Amazon buyers directly. You will also get assistance with product listing, payments, website maintenance and a lot more. 

It goes without saying, you will gain access to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service as well. Through this service you are able to send your items to Amazon warehouse and they will take care of them and deliver them to customers.

How to Set an Account on Seller Central Amazon?

Making an account doesn’t require much effort. All that is required is sign up by providing some basic info including tax details, choosing a plan and accepting the terms of services. Billing details are also required. Once all the steps are completed, an account with a dashboard and important tools will be given to you 

Which Items to Sell on Amazon?

Choosing the perfect niche or items to sell requires you to analyze the product’s competition, demand, and sales, etc. Undoubtedly, the best products to sell are those that can generate high profits. Below are some of the best tools that can help you with Amazon product research.

1. IO Scout

IO Scout is one of the top tools for Amazon sellers as it shows accurate data and results so that you can find the right product to sell. Its product database has around 150 million Amazon products and it updates data every hour, bringing you real-time data. It allows you to track products of your competitors and shows the product history of the products you are interested in.

2. Helium 10

Helium 10 with its several tools is another amazing tool for Amazon FBA sellers. This tool lets you find the best niche by calculating estimated monthly sales and profits. It also has a powerful keyword tracker and processor that will show you the most accurate keywords for ranking high in the Amazon search engine.

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is a popular tool for those selling on Amazon. It offers tools such as product tracker, supplier database, finding keywords, etc. to help the sellers sell more efficiently on Amazon. You can also use the Jungle Scout academy for learning about how to sell on Amazon.

Getting Familiar with Key Features of Dashboard

The dashboard has many functions and features and below you will find the most useful ones.


This feature helps you get all the details about your inventory from Amazon. It will also help you with opportunities for expanding globally.


This tab shows you all the received orders for your items and you can view the pending and delivered items as well. All canceled orders will also appear here.


This feature allows you to add all your items and write and save product listings.

Manage your case log

This is another important feature which will show you all the cases, requests and communication you are having with customer service.

Sales Summary

This tool will give you a summary of all your sales. It can help you find your most profitable niche or product.


This is a great way to track your customers’ feedback. This section gives you information about customer satisfaction. It will tell you if your customers are having any issues with the product or they want to get in touch so that you can communicate with them immediately.


This tool displays all the latest Amazon news whether they concern you or not.

Final Thoughts

Amazon seller central is a great way of starting as a seller on Amazon as it makes the process of selling quite easy and simple.

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