5 Ways Sellics is Fueling Growth of Amazon Businesses

written on 2020, 02, 4, Tue


For many people, opening an Amazon business and keeping it running is not a difficult thing to do. However, the challenge comes when they have to figure out how to stay ahead of their competition in this eCommerce space.

In today's world, businesses have to use different tools to capture the right data in a timely manner if they are to make decisions that benefit their business. In the eCommerce space, there are numerous tools that business owners can use to achieve this - Sellics is one of them.

What is Sellics ?

Sellics is a widely used marketing software designed for Amazon sellers, agencies and vendors. Its multi-functional nature enables it to offer users a wide range of services including:

  • Keyword ranking
  • Analytics 
  • Management of pay-per-click campaigns
  • Tracking profits 
  • Researching products
  • Tracking competitors
  • Managing customer reviews

How Does Sellics Boost the Growth of Amazon Businesses?

Sellics has several features that are designed to provide Amazon sellers with valuable insights about their competitors, products, profit margins and product pricing. Using these insights, sellers can make informed decisions that fuel the growth of their businesses. The five s ellics sonar features that enable sellers achieve this include: 

  • Product Detector
  • Cockpit
  • Niche Analyzer
  • Profit Dashboard
  • Spy Tool

Here are five ways these tools are fueling the growth of Amazon businesses:

Enables Sellers to Discover Profitable Niches

Sellics Amazon has a feature called product detector that gives sellers detailed information about the various products that register high sales on Amazon. Sellers that are struggling to find product ideas can be able to use this information to t discover niches that are most profitable. In addition, Sellics has a product database of 10,000 best selling products on Amazon organized by category. Sellers can go through the database to find those that match their criteria using filters such as:

  • Reviews
  • Sales rank
  • Weight 
  • Estimated sales 

Gives Sellers Quick Performance Overview

With sellics, amazon sellers can get quick overviews of how their businesses are performing any time they need such information. Using its cockpit feature, this software is able to present users with a wide range of helpful data including:

  • Products that have registered sales
  • Keyword rankings for products 
  • Pay-per-click performance 
  • Sales and profits 
  • Current rank for sales
  • Revenue share
  • Customer reviews

With this information, sellers are able to make informed decisions on what moves they should take next. 

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Enables Sellers to Understand Niche Competition

Sellics uses analytics to give sellers an overview of the competition in their niche. Looking for Product Research Tool redeem your IO Scout special offer and save more than 60% now! Using a feature called niche analyzer, this software analyzes the competitiveness and sales volumes in a seller's choice niche. This enables sellers to know how many sales have been generated in a particular niche. It also gives them an indication of how challenging it would be for their products to rank highly in light of the most used keywords. 

Enables Sellers to Track Profits Real-Time

Sellics comes with a profit dashboard that integrates easily with a Seller's Central account. This integration allows sellers to see the actual profit margin for each product after all costs have been deducted. Some of the costs that this feature deducts to determine profit margins are:

  • Shipping Fees
  • Fulfilled by Amazon Fees
  • Pay-per-Click Costs
  • Promotion Value
  • Amazon Fees
  • Cost of the Product

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The information that sellers get from the dashboard is most recent since the feature is updates automatically every 5 minutes. This enables Amazon sellers to keep tabs on profits for each product real time. For more accurate results, sellers can input their costs into the software manually. 

Informs Sellers of Competitor Pricing 

Based on Sellics reviews, sellers find this software extremely useful because it helps them understand market competition. The spy tool tool enables Amazon sellers to keep track of competitor product prices and shows them which items are on their top sellers list. The tool also helps sellers to monitor the exact sales volumes of their select products. With these insights, sellers are able to avoid holding unsold stock by keeping off products that are not selling very well. At the same time, the spy tool feature enables sellers to know the actual sales volumes of any item on Amazon and determine their price trends by viewing how the lowest and highest prices develop.

Bottom Line

Sellics combines different analytic tools and offers sellers a bundle that has everything they need to sell their products profitably on Amazon. Sellics pricing of the single bundle comes with a 14 day free trial that is well worth it considering the data as well as performance metrics that the software offers. If you want to grow your Amazon business to a whole new level, you may want to consider getting this software.

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